Robby Bedi

Highly respected for his ability to educate his clients on market trends and pricing strategies, Robby has established himself as a highly skilled realtor and is praised by clients & colleagues alike. He is a proven expert within the highly desirable communities of the East & South Bay.

As a highly recognized ‘Client centric’ communicator, Robby listens intently first to gather a deep and thorough understanding from each of his clients’ needs, wishes and circumstances. He whole heartedly believes that is one of the key factors that allows for him to consistently deliver above & beyond their clients’ goals & expectations. Robby’s dynamic personality paired with his market knowledge and broad-based economic insight, allows him to provide unparalleled value to his clients

“Given the utter significance of a real estate transaction, I will assist you in making the most responsible real estate decisions to ensure you achieve the maximum value in each transaction.” -Robby Bedi

Along with his ‘Always On’ work ethic and a keen insight for the local neighborhoods, Robby tailors his approach to best fit each individual client to help ensure they achieve optimal value whether buying or selling.

“We view the initial transaction as the first of many, and we treat every client with high touch and personalized attention, regardless of the size of the transaction.”

Robby has a strong passion for sharing with others how he consistently achieves success in business by working in collaboration with clients as ‘partners’. He is a sought out speaker and regularly speaks to professionals in various fields; he has conducted more than 1500 talks now.